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The “OpenWater” Name

In rowing, there’s a concept called “open water.”

It’s used to describe the distance between two boats at the finish line. In close races, the front of the trailing boat overlaps with the leading boat. That’s normal. But sometimes, when one crew has truly pulled away from the competition, there’s no overlap at all between the boats.

There’s just open water.

Our name conjures up our commitment to advancing our solutions and ourselves. One that evokes limitless possibilities and unbroken horizons. And one that reflects upon the people with whom we do business – the visionaries, the go-getters, the ones doing everything they can to get ahead of the pack … and stay there.

That’s OpenWater.

Our Philosophy

OpenWater is more than a software vendor or technology provider. We create solutions that solve some of the most frustrating, costly, time-intensive problems that organizations face — and then customize and configure them to meet the exact needs of our clients.

When you choose an OpenWater solution for online awards, abstract or conference management, you get more than an outstanding web-based system. You get an entire team working on your behalf. We stay with you every step of the way – from initial consultation and planning to unlimited post-launch technical support.

Wait. Unlimited Technical Support? Really?

Absolutely. We’re the only company in this industry that provides TUCS – Truly Unlimited Customer Support, with no extra fees and no hidden costs. Our mission is 100 percent customer satisfaction – no matter what it takes. Our solutions and our service will make your life easier. Period.

Sounds great. But is the system complicated?

Here’s the awesome thing: You literally don’t need to worry about it. We’re so committed to your success that we will actually build the foundation of your online awards, abstract or conference management system for you. After all, we’ve done this a lot. We know what works – and more than a few things that don’t. And we’ll guide you through all of it until you’re ready to sail on your own.

Does that mean I’m getting the same solution as everyone else?

Not at all! The first thing we do is learn about your organization’s goals, methods and challenges so we can tailor our solutions to fit your needs perfectly. We handle the tough parts (no coding for you!), then teach you one-on-one, step-by-step, how to put your system into action. Whether it’s your very first web-based solution, or an upgrade from another online product, you’ll be an expert in no time.


Timothy Spell

Tim possesses an innate ability to translate and break down complex technical information to non-technical people. While focused on the marketing and sales side of the business, Tim is also an avid rower and competes across the country with Potomac Boat Club.

Kunal Johar

Kunal, Co-Founder of OpenWater, often referred to as a ``technical genius``, sets the tone at the company for quality and innovation with our products. Outside the office Kunal enjoys world traveling and is an avid hiker.

Life at OpenWater

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